Newly relesed: Global Good Practice Analysis on LEDS, NAMAs and MRV  

GPA Thumbnail5 June 2014 - The LECB Programme is pleased to present The Global Good Practice Analysis (GPA) - a collection of 21 examples of mitigation-related good practice worldwide that demonstrate how LEDS, NAMAs and MRV systems are being effectively designed and implemented across a range of national contexts. The GPA is a joint initiative between the LECB Programme and the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV and aims to foster peer-learning across countries by demonstrating ambitious and feasible mitigation policies and actions that are already in place.

You can access the 21 case studies here (Bhutan and Lebanon feature LECB specific activities) and read more about the background and methodology, success factors, conclusions and lessons learned, and the criteria applied. 

The Partnership and the LECB Programme offer a variety of capacity building formats and invite interested country representatives to contact us to identify options for more in-depth learning on the good practice cases. 


LECB Articles on International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV

The sixth edition of the quarterly Mitigation Newsletter of the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV was released on 18 December 2013 and includes three articles featuring the LECB, such as:



Guidance for NAMA Design: Building on Country Experiences

NAMA guidebook thumbnail UNDP is pleased to release the jointly produced publication Guidance for NAMA Design: Building on Country Experiences. This guidance is the result of a collaborative effort between UNDP, the UNFCCC Secretariat and the UNEP - Risø Center to produce a tool to assist developing countries in formulating more effective NAMAs. Initially conceived of as part of the UNDP's Low Emission Capacity Building Programme, the guidebook was expanded in scope thanks to this strategic partnership and now serves as a practical guide for any government or institution that wishes to participate in NAMA development.

The Guidance for NAMA Design builds on countries' experiences in developing mitigation actions and has benefited from a truly collaborative process whereby an intensive consultative process with developing countries was established at the outset. The guide does not attempt to prescribe a linear path for NAMA development. Rather, it emphasizes the iterative nature of this process and thereby contributes a unique approach to the growing body of work focused on NAMA design and implementation. As the NAMA landscape is constantly growing and changing we envision this guide as a living document, as such we welcome your feedback and contributions. Updates will be made over time as the topic matures and the body of lessons learned grows.

The full document will be translated into French and Spanish in the new year. We hope that you will find the NAMA Guide to be a positive contribution to the development and implementation of technically robust NAMAs, thereby bringing us closer to the low carbon future we are striving to obtain.


October 16, 2013

UNFCCC Releases NAMA Registry

UNFCCC NAMA Registry thumbnailThe UNFCCC Secretariat has released the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) registry, which is now a fully functional, public, web-based platform. The registry is set up to record NAMAs seeking international support, with the objective to enable the matching of finance, technology and capacity-building support with these actions. Participation is voluntary and information specifically requested for recording in the NAMA registry is included in the platform, in accordance with relevant decisions of the 16th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the UNFCCC (source IISD).Read more (by IISD).


Monthly Roundups

December 2013 - Roundup issue 12

MRU Dec 2013 Thumbnail

Topics in this issue: 

  • LECB Launches Enhanced Support Component
  • Updates on the Colombian Low Carbon Development Strategy
  • LECB Global Support You Tube page 
  • Costa Rica Livestock NAMA Concept 


November 2013 - Roundup issue 11

Roundup 11 thumbnail

Topics in this issue:
  • LECB Programme launches joint NAMA Guidance with UNEP & UNFCCC
  • NAMA Facility announces funding for four LECB countries
  • LECB GSU hosts a webinar on Derisking Renewable Energy Investment
  • Chile makes progress in design of Carbon Management Programme

October 2013 - Roundup issue 10

Roundup 10 thumbnail Topics in this issue:

  • LECB Programme presence at COP 19
  • Welcoming James Vener to the LECB Global Support Team
  • Toward a Robust National System for GHG Inventories - LECB Kenya
  • LECB contributes to webinars on Low Emission Development in LAC


September 2013 - Roundup issue 9

Roundup 9 thumbnail Topics in this issue:

  • LECB Annual Global Meeting: 25-27 September in Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Multi-stakeholder Sectoral Working Groups with UNDP at the Lead
  • Asia LEDS Forum 2013 - Putting LEDS into Practice, 1-4 October, Manila, Philippines

August 2013 - Roundup issue 8

Roundup 8 thumbnailTopics in this issue:

  • NAMA Development in Zambia
  • Integration of GHG Emission Data in thePhilippines
  • NAMA Design and Preparation in Lebanon
  • Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum
  • UNFCCC Asia and Pacific Regional Workshop and the LECB GSU
  • Asia Regional Exchange on NAMAs in the Transport Sector

July 2013 - Roundup issue 7

Roundup 7 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo Moves on Identifying a Long List of NAMA Project Ideas
  • Introductory Workshop on NAMAs with LECB Peer-to-Peer Exchange
  • Introductory GHG Inventory Training - Nairobi, Kenya
  • LECB Support and South-South Exchange in Paraguay
  • Mitigation Action Plans nad Scenarios (MAPS)

June 2013 - Roundup issue 6

Roundup 6 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • Gender Mainstreaming Improved Results - Experiences from Bhutan
  • Livestock and Climate Change Meeting Held in Costa Rica
  • Collaborative LEDS and NAMA Training in Rabat, Morocco
  • LECB Side Event - Bonn, Germany
  • NAMA Good Practice Guidance Round Table - Bonn, Germany
  • UNDP Teams Up with GIZ to Offer NAMA Training Tool - Dakar, Senegal
  • IISD Webinar: Developing Financeable NAMAs

May 2013 - Roundup issue 5

Roundup 5 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • NAMA Prioritization in Uganda - Moving from Validation to Prioritization
  • Workshop on National GHG Inventory Systems 15-17 May, Chile
  • Costa Rica: Scaling Up Eco-Competitiveness
  • NAMA Design & Consultation on Selecting Priority NAMAs for Lebanon
  • International NAMA Facility - Official Public Information Event

April 2013 - Roundup issue 4

Roundup 4 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • Morocco Establishes Inter-Ministerial Climate Change Committee
  • Zambia Establishes Technical Working Groups & Validates SNC
  • UNFCCC NAMA Workshop for Africa Held in Lesotho, 16-19 April
  • Knowledge Topic - Integrating Gender in the LECB E-Discussion
  • Report & Financial Tool on Scaling-Up Investment in Renewable Energy

March 2013 - Roundup issue 3

Roundup 3 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • National Workshop on Strengthening Capacities in NAMA Design in Peru
  • Mexico Low Emission Capacity Building Project kicks off Implementation
  • Learning & Leading on LEDS - LECB and the LEDS Global Partnership
  • Launch of - wiki-based platform to connect practitioners

February 2013 - Roundup issue 2

Roundup 2 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • The LECB Project - Uganda: Implementation in Action
  • EUROCLIMA Second Seminar Bogota, Colombia - Collaboration in Action
  • International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV Newsletter: Edition Number 3
  • E-Discussion Launched on Models for the Non-energy Sector

January 2013 - Roundup issue 1

Roundup 1 thumbnail shortTopics in this issue:

  • LECB Programme Highlights from Doha
  • The LECB - Philippines: Implementation in Action
  • Resources for Francophone Countries
  • LEDS Expert Assistance at No Cost.


 Programme Newsletters

(discontinued July 2013)

June 1, 2013 - Newsletter issue 6

Newsletter ThumbnailIssue Six of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter features:

  • Inspiring Mitigation Ambition - LECB Hosted Side Event in Bonn, Germany
  •  Accompanying National NAMA Processes - NAMA Guideline Workshop
  • Natural Synergies and Collaboration - Morocco and Beyond
  • Announcing Annual Global Meeting of LECB Programme: 25-27 September in Hanoi


March 1, 2013 - Newsletter issue 5

ThumbnailWe are glad to share Issue Five of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter. Articles include:

  • Multi Partner National Workshop on Strengthening Capacities in NAMA Design for Peru: integrating approaches and tools
  • Indonesia Side Event on Low Emission Development Strategy and LECB Validation Meeting
  • National climate finance web platform launched in Vietnam
  • Integrating Gender: LECB Gender Guidance note
  • Learning from the legacy of the Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)


December 1, 2012 - Newsletter issue 4

Newsletter 4 IconWe are glad to share Issue Four of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter. Articles include:

  • NAMA News from Doha
  • Institutional Arrangements for the Work on NAMAs and LEDS under the LECB Programme
  • Country Spotlight Colombia - Delivering Low Carbon Development
  • Partner Spotlight: Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (PARE)



September 1, 2012 - Newsletter issue 3

Newsletter 3 cover icon smallWe are glad to share Issue Three of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter. Articles include:

  • Information on the Institutionalizing of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory in the Philippines
  • A summary update on the October NAMA workshop
  • An announcement regarding the production of an LECB NAMA Reference Guidebook
  • A partnership spotlight featuring the activities of the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV


June 1, 2012 - Newsletter issue 2

Newsletter 2 cover icon smallWe are are glad to share Issue Two of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter. Articles include:

  • MRV policy Updates
  • Jump-starting the scenario development process, and
  • A country spotlight on Kenya

Please feel free to share with others and do let us know if you have suggestions for future LECB Newsletters.


March 1, 2012 - Newsletter issue 1

Newsletter 1 cover icon smallWe are glad to share Issue One of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Newsletter. Articles include:

  • Catalyzing climate finance readiness through the LECB Programme
  • Information on the Programme Expansion
  • The Global Support Team
  • Country spotlight Chile: The climate of change

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